Unaccompanied children

CheapTickets is unable to accept reservations for unaccompanied children. At least one adult or senior passenger must accompany the child in order for you to book on CheapTickets.

If a child is traveling alone (also known as an unaccompanied minor), please call the airline directly. Each airline sets its own policies and regulations regarding children traveling unaccompanied by adults. Some airlines require that unaccompanied children travel only on nonstop flights. Others may require an additional fee at check-in.

All airlines, however, will want to know the name, address, and phone number for the person responsible for the unaccompanied child at both the departure and arrival airports, in addition to emergency contact information.

Allow at least two (2) hours prior to check-in to complete security and release documents provided by the airline.

Special meals
Most carriers provide for special meals, although availability varies. When you make a reservation request on CheapTickets, we send your meal request to the airline; but for now, you’ll need to contact your airline to confirm the availability of the request on your specific flight.

Supplemental oxygen
Some carriers have the ability to provide supplemental oxygen during a flight when required by a traveler for medical reasons. The use of supplemental oxygen is regulated by the FAA and therefore controlled by the airline. The airline also charges a fee for this service. If you require the carrier to plan for supplemental oxygen during your flight, we recommend that you book these flights directly with the airline.

Traveling with pets
Traveling with a pet, other than a guide dog, requires special handling by the airline. More information

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